VARIOUS ARTISTS - the early 80s Italo Disco Collection

Reference: ZYX 82187-2


Hey Hey Guy
Valentino Mon Amour
Red Man
Shooting Star
The Night
Hot Stuff
Disco Band
Baby don't your break my heart
Walking Away
Digital Signal Processor
Show Me
Shock Me
Going Crazy
You'll be mine
Love me now
New World
Can't stay
House Machine
Monkey Monkey
Keep the joint
Mas Mix que Nunca
DJ Effects
The Koto Mix
Shooting Star
Shooting Star
Mas Mix Que Nunca

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3 cd box in the serie Zyx Italo Disco Collection all the tracks are the long versions!

Tracklist CD1:
Cyber People-Polaris(club mix)6:31
Ken Laszlo-"Hey Hey Guy"(us remix)5:50
Brian Ice-"Tokyo"(dj version)6:40
Hypnosis-"Droid"(automatic piano)5:10
Patrick Colby-"Mandrill"(extended version)6:13
Koto-"Jabdah"(dj version)6:18
Alan Ross-"Valentino Mon Amour"(dub extended)5:23
50 & 50 Brothers-"Red Man"(after rain mix)5:32
Roy-"Shooting Star"(dub version)5:50
Baby's Gang-"America"(swedish mix)4:30
Valerie Dore-"The Night"(original mix)5:46
Image-"Hot Stuff"(long version)7:21
Scotch-"Disco Band" 4:01

Tracklist CD 2:
Argentina-"Baby don't your break my heart" 6:01
Brian Ice-"Walking Away"(vocal extended)5:48
Cyber people-"Digital Signal Processor"(remix)7:09
Roxanne-"Show Me"(remix)5:59
Amadhouse-"Shock Me"(extended)6:00
Mike Cannon-"Going Crazy"(extended vocal mix)6:22
Joe Lettieri-"You'll be mine"(mix vox)4:32
Life Movies-"Love me now"(base)5:55
Apple in Jacket-"New World"(vocal)5:50
The Kittchen Club-"Can't stay"6:24
DJ Lelwel-"House Machine" 7:29
Flo Astaire-"Monkey Monkey"(45 vox) 5:47
Max'n Sandy-"Keep the joint" 5:18

Tracklist CD3:
Mas Mix que Nunca(long version) 17:03
DJ Effects-DJ Effects 2:20
Koto-"The Koto Mix" 7:07
DJ Lelewel-Soundeffects 1:36
Roy-"Shooting Star"(bonus beats)3:42
Roy-"Shooting Star"(acapella)3:05
Mas Mix Que Nunca(Disco Version)12:56