The Best of Italo Disco Unreleased Tracks

Reference: ZYX 82049-2


Forever Mine
Valentino Mon Amour
Dr. Faustus(Razzmatazz V.)
My Little Japanese Boy
Summer Time(Ext.)
Tonight My Love is Alive(Dance Mix)
Let Me Fall In Love(Ext.)
Cherry Cherry(Mix)
Wheel of Love(Ext.)
Keep Me Satisfied(Ext.)
Lot To Learn
Automatic Piano (Ext.)
A La Folie
I Love You(Ext.)
Ciao(Vocal Mix)
Oe-Ohh(Vocal Mix)
Sun Goes Down On Milky Way(Mix Motato)

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Tracklist CD 1:
Claudio Mingard-"Forever Mine" 3:10
Alan Ross-"Valentino Mon Amour"(Vox Mix)5:42
Cyber People-"Dr. Faustus"(Razzmatazz Version) 7:29
Baby;s Gang-"My Little Japanese Boy" 4:23
Argentina-"Summer Time" (ext vers)6:21
Shado-"Tonight My Love is Alive"(Dance Mix) 6:08
Robert Camaro-"Let Me Fall In Love"(Ext Version)5:53
Tony Turn-"Cherry Cherry"(Vocal Mix)6:34
Laurie-"Wheel of Love (Extended Version) 6:10
Swan-"Keep Me Satisfied"(Ext version) 6:00

Tracklist CD 2:
Lee Marrow-"Lot To Learn" 6:59
Robert Camaro-"Heartbeat"(ext version) 6:36
Hypnosis-"Automatic Piano"(Ext version) 5:13
Miss Sage-"Infatuation"(Vocal Mix)6:13
DJ Herbie-"A-Tomico" 6:04
Seydinah-"A La Folie" 6:12
Helen-"I Love You" (Ext Version) 8:00
Alan Ross-"Ciao"(Vocal Mix) 6:10
Superbowl-"Oe-Ohh"(Vocal Mix) 6:08
Gazebo-"Sun Goes Down On Milky Way"(Mix Motato)5:48