ZYX Italo Disco Collection vol 6

ZYX Italo Disco Collection vol 6

Saturday Night
When I Let You Down
Fantasy Boy
Let's All Dance
Run To Me
Jasmin China Girl
Ever and Ever
It's You
I Cry for You
So Close

Only Man
No More Vision
Night Girl
You're My Heart, You're My Soul
Step by Step
It's Alright
You Can Set Me Free
I'm Loosing You
Fatal Destination

I Just Died In Your Arms
Scratch My Name
You Are My Desire

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ZYX 81959-2

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3 CD BOX for a special price!!
Original Extended Long Versions

Tracklist CD 1:
Lian Ross-"Saturday Night" 5:28
Robert Tomasi-"When I Let You Down" 6:54
New Baccara-"Fantasy Boy" 6:57
Valerie Dore-"Lancelot" 6:28
Argentina-"Let's All Dance" 6:01
Lena-"Run To Me" 4:56
Mozzart-"Jasmin China Girl" 6:28
Venice-"Ever and Ever" 6:57
Sheila Steward-"It's You" 6:10
Shy Rose-"I Cry for You" 7:06
Savage-"So Close" 6:40

Tracklist CD2:
Shy Rose-"Only Man" 5:40
Sly & Hunter-"No More Vision" 6:40
Hugh Bullen-"Night Girl" 6:38
Creative Connection-"You're My Heart, You're My Soul" 6:42
Silver Pozzoli-"Step by Step" 5:30
Karl Olivas-"It's Alright" 7:40
Marx & Spencer-"Stay" 7:18
Coo Coo-"You Can Set Me Free" 6:29
Savage-"I'm Loosing You" 6:12
Claudia T.-"Fatal Destination" 6:03
Sheila Stewart-"Tonight" 5:25

Tracklist CD3:
Savage-"I Just Died In Your Arms" 5:35
Creative Connection-"Scratch My Name" 6:38
Shy Rose-"You Are My Desire" 6:18
Click-"Dur! Dur!(Balla Balla)" 7:36
Tina Gabriel-"If You Say" 7:14
Eddy Huntington-"Meet My Friend" 6:08
Linda Jo Rizzo-"Just One World" 5:15
Rygar-"Star Tracks" 6:00
Dave Rodgers-"Rich & Famous" 6:10
Thomas & Shubert-"Little Flower" 5:55
Latin Lover-"Casanova Action" 6:10



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